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Audiorix™ Speakers

Audiorix™ Speakers

Audiorix™ Speakers

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Want to host a family video call and catch up with everyone but still want to hear that doorbell because the pizza delivery will be here any minute?

Want to watch your movie in all its 3D surround sound glory but also want to respond to your spouse when he/she calls you from the kitchen?

Want to gear up and dive in to your VR games and immerse yourself in the fantasy world but still be aware of your real-world surrounding?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then Audiorix™ is the perfect wireless speakers for you.


Audiorix™ is ergonomically designed to fit the contours of your neck and rests comfortably on your shoulders. With its light frame and gentle materials, you can sometimes forget that you have it on, but it makes its presence felt by enveloping you in deep, rich sounds thanks to its unique upward facing speakers that create a private sound zone around you.

You can now enjoy your music while doing chores around the house, engaging in light exercises or walking the dog, all while being aware of your immediate surrounding. You'll never miss a call, a doorbell or your cat whimpering for attention just because you had your ears covered.



What good is a pair of wireless speakers if it couldn't last through your binge-watching? With up to 12 hours of playtime on a 2 hour full charge, Audiorix™ has got you covered. What's more, to ensure maximum comfort and durability, it is built with a flexible core so you can stretch and bend it over your neck easily without worries and it is also water and dust resistant. No, you can't bring it for a swim but don't worry about a little splash of rain or your dog shaking itself dry.


Easy button navigation and stable Bluetooth 5.0 connections makes setting up and using Audiorix™ a breeze. Compatible with any Apple, Android and Windows devices that support Bluetooth connections, you will be able to enjoy your entertainment of choice and pick up calls from a generous working distance of up to 65 feet (20 meters)


- Dimension 8.7x7.7x1.3in (221x196x33mm) 
- Material Silicon, Plastic, Fabric Cover
- Weight 243g

- Sensitivity 95dB (2x 3W speakers, 2x passive radiators)
- Bluetooth 5.0 (effective range up to 20m)
- Built-in 600mAh lithium battery (2 hour charge for up to 12 hours of playing time, 200 hour of standby time)

1x Audiorix Speaker
1x Micro-USB Charging Cable
1x User Manual
6 months limited warranty (extended 24 months warranty option available)
*Please refer to our warranty policy for details

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